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Autumn Harvest EcoPup Slip-On Bandana

Autumn Harvest EcoPup Slip-On Bandana

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New and Improved EcoPup Slip-On Bandana

These adorable bandanas are handmade with a durable, waterproof eco canvas, and they're designed to slip over your pup's collar.

Sustainable  |  We believe in leaving a greener paw print. The Eco Canvas is crafted from recycled plastics, reducing waste and giving discarded materials a new leash on life.

Functional  |  The new design is contoured to your pup's neck which helps it to stay in place and keeps your pup looking great all day. 

Durable  |  Our cute patterns are waterproof and machine washable, so dirt, mud, and odours don't stand a chance.

This pattern can be customized with your pup's name!


*Note: The Slip-On Style is NOT compatible with a martingale collar that does not have a buckle opening.

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